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"An error occurred while exporting to: " More information on export errors?

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I've had this probleem a few times both in Designer and Publisher, where a document just doens't want to export to pdf, in any preset I try.
It's always been a document with multiple sized artboards, and some artboards within artboards (which usually doesn't form any problem).

When I completely recreate the file from scratch the problem resolves...

Is there any way I can find more info other than the image.png.4f1e9065dc51257e8c1fa2a449fcc058.png error I get for any place I try to export it to?

Finder is not the problem as other files save to exactly the same location without error. And it doesn't help to change filename, restart software, restart computer, etc...


EDIT 1: 

It looks like it is one text layer that is causing the export error.
When I remove the formatting out of that text (I have spent quite some time kerning it, so would prefer not to...!), the error goes away...?
When I paste the text with formatting in a new text layer, it gives the error. Both with the artistic text tool, as well as the text frame tool


I have found it! It was referring to an inexisting Font variant... 
Any way that we can get more information on export errors?

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It sounds like a known bug with font files on export.
To detect/limit it down and possibly as a workaround you can try either/or...:

– use a different font file.
– convert the affected text frame to curves before export.
– if you haven't tried yet: export as PDF version 1.7 (e.g. with preset "for print").

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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