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Hi there,

I loaded in a 32 bit EXR to Affinity Photo of a render I did, and it came in with 2 pixel layers - one with the 32 bit colour information (called RGB), and the other being a greyscale image alpha (called Alpha). Both layers have an all white alpha channel.

I'm trying to copy one of the RGB alpha layer channels (they are all the same) into the alpha channel of the RGB layer to get proper transparency, and I can't seem to find a way to do it.

Is there an easy way to copy data from one channel to another in Affinity Photo?


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Found the answer, it involves creating a spare channel. Here is the process for reference:

- Select the layer with the channel you want to copy

- In the Channels tab, locate the channel you want to copy

- Right click it and select "Create spare channel". A spare channel should appear with the channel data you want

- Select the layer you want to copy to if necessary

- Right click the spare channel and select "Load To Pixel xxxx" (In my case it was Load To Pixel Alpha)

- Delete the spare channel if you no longer need it


If there is an easier way please let me know :)


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Another way to do it could be this:

  1. hide the RGB layer so that only the alpha layer remains visible
  2. In the channels right click on either the Red, Green or Blue Composite and choose Load to Pixel Selection
  3. Create the mask in the RGB layer

If you have more than one RGB layer one quick way to add all the RGB layers is to select them all and click on the checkmark to hide them.

Alternatively, skipping the hide-layers step, you could simply do a CTRL+J on the Alpha layer then CTRL+SHIFT+] to move it to the very top and now you can skip to the Composite selection.

The Composite reads the combination of all the layers - if your alpha layer, as I guess, is just black & white then it should work fine for the mask. I use this technique in PS, I guess the greyscale selection works the same in Affinity Photo but someone may have better or more detailed information in regard.

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Go to:
EDIT / PREFERENCES / COLOUR / ASSOCIATE OpenEXR alpha channels (check the checkbox :D )

Now opening Open EXR will give you one layer with transparency.
Cheers to YT channel: "Linnet's How To" for "How To Enable Associate OpenEXR Alpha Channels Affinity Designer" Video :)

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