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Crash on resizing clipping mask

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Attached file is reduced to minimum content, where bug is still present and reproducible. The original file had clipped images and symbols. The strange thing is that the file is still 30 MB big, but there shouldn't be any elements in it, explaining this.

However, to reproduce the crash (AD V1.7.1.404), select the rectangle "RESIZE THIS". Enable "lock children" and then try to resize it. As soon as you start moving the mouse AD crashes.

When copying all the content to a new document, it works (and then the saved file has only 9KB). This is even true for my bigger original file with all the content in it, where I discovered the bug first.
Therefore the bug is not experienced when starting with a new document. Something must have gone wrong with this certain file...

Note by side: Originally I opened an Illustrator file to work in it. There I also experienced crashes (unfortunately cannot remember under which circumstances). Then I started a new AD document, copied just some elements over from the Illustrator document, and created most of the content from scratch in AD. So, even if there are some imported elements from Illustrator the file was created and mostly done in AD.

br, Dieter


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