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Scroll document with Edit Text Style open

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The Edit Text Style window seems to be modal and therefore different than the Managers (Resource, Font, Section), but I am not sure why it has to be this way or what benefit is gained. I would like to be able to scroll my document behind the Edit Text Style window to see what effect my changes have on different parts of the document.

Indesign CS 5.5 had this ability, and I used it quite a lot. Then when I finally gave in to update to a CC subscription, I lost that ability, and I am not sure what I gained in the tradeoff, because otherwise the process seems to be the same. I do miss it.

Something else that I also like that InDesign still has is the preview checkbox on its version of the Edit Text Style window. There I can check and uncheck to see what effect my current style changes would have on the text.

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