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Why can’t I export with the Export Persona?

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How do I export with the Export persona? I choose a folder but it never gives me the option of ‘Open’ so I always have to cancel. I can’t even export manually now with this one file. When I go to the export dialogue box, my only option is to export the entire document, not just an Artboard.

What am I missing? Or is it a bug with the program?

Any help is appreciated. This has never worked (properly) for me since I got the program 6 months ago. Thanks.

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Hi Landoflakes and Welcome to the Forums,

If you see this video:


At the roughly 44 seconds, Sean covers exporting out busing the Persona.  It's all to do with when you press select.  From your screen recording, when you back out of the folder Gray logos exports and see the full directory listing of your local storage, if you press select on that screen, tap the Gray logo exports folder, that is where you'll exports end up.

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Thanks. I have seen the video already a couple times but never noticed that specific behavior in it. It's a weird that when I Open the Folder it doesn't Select it automatically or give an option of Done. Maybe I am just too used to Windows?

Anyways, your specific comment to Select the Folder BEFORE I Open it was the trick!

Thanks again!

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