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  1. Thanks. I have seen the video already a couple times but never noticed that specific behavior in it. It's a weird that when I Open the Folder it doesn't Select it automatically or give an option of Done. Maybe I am just too used to Windows? Anyways, your specific comment to Select the Folder BEFORE I Open it was the trick! Thanks again!
  2. How do I export with the Export persona? I choose a folder but it never gives me the option of ‘Open’ so I always have to cancel. I can’t even export manually now with this one file. When I go to the export dialogue box, my only option is to export the entire document, not just an Artboard. What am I missing? Or is it a bug with the program? Any help is appreciated. This has never worked (properly) for me since I got the program 6 months ago. Thanks. 5626AEB4-3701-424C-A02B-DF8C72E57294.MP4