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History and Recovery issues

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I recently updated AD to 1.7. It appears that when I made the switch, the "save history with file" setting was not persistent. ie I've opened files that previously were set to "save history with file" and the history is missing.

I noticed this after a crash of my computer, so it may be that the recovered versions of the files are the only ones for this that are true. But... speaking of recovery, though I have the file recovery interval set to 300 seconds, after my computer re-start, the recovered files I've opened don't seem to have had any recovered information... only the last saved version, which admittedly was longer ago than it should have been. I have to confess that the excellent recoveries I'd experienced in 1.6 allowed me to become lax in my saving... much to my detriment as now I have lost a not inconsiderable amount of work, as the recovery files have recovered... nothing.

I have to say that I don't expect any kind of miraculous recovery of my work, but I do hope that these features can be fixed.

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Hi @spedwig,

Sorry for the delayed reply. 

The history is saved with the file and not within the app. So, if that file has had history with it, it would show up. However, if you've opened that file and the "Save history with file" was unticked within the app, and saved the file, all the history will be deleted. 

Recovery wise, that is our last resort, and you should not be relying on that. I've tested it and it works fine on my end. If you can provide steps to replicate this, we can look into it. 


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18 hours ago, fde101 said:

Interesting...  wouldn't it be better for the "Save history with file" setting to also be saved with the document?

That option "stays" with the document. Let me explain it :)

  • You create a new document
  • You tick save history with Document
  • You save the file
  • Close
  • When you re-open the file, Save history will be enabled by default- This flag is automatically set by the document you open. (Ticked or unticked depending on how the file was saved)
  • If you then untick the "Save history with Document" and Save, you will lose all the history, and not just the most recent changes.

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