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many enumerated things... first trial of Affinity today... annotations

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Hello, Good morning, as i am designing new things i will be adding many things to adjust,

Thank you in advance,


1-Selection of any part of the visual should make a full selection of it. with B/W move tools.

2-the ability to assign actions to keyboard buttons.

3- command + 0  isn't full yet

4- the softwares MUST be able to expand before going to Full Screen ( this applies to all softwares ) it makes less worries for users.

5- convert to curves or outlining text or rasterising... i am lost

6- all measurements are needed for compatibility

7- comaptibility in importing - exporting is CRUCIAL

8- creating guides... if u don't like Adobe's style, you can go to : http://guideguide.me  by Cameron McEfee

9- Adobe's cc 2014 plugins are lot excellent to have them as main options... just search over the net.

10- the transparency tool logo I thought it was for 3D design... u can show the Glass effect as a replacement.

11- inability to select a locked layer?... locking unlocking isn't smooth

That' for now.

Thank you


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Hi soundofnature,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Thanks for your feedback. I've not understood all of your points so i'm addressing just some of them:


01) Not sure what do you mean by this;


02) Customizable shortcut keys are coming (see our roadmap);


03) ⌘ (cmd) + 0 is for Zoom to Fit. If you just want to change the opacity of an object press just 0;


04) Not sure what do you mean with this one either: It does expand before going Full screen.


05) Those are all different things:

  • To convert text or shapes to curves, you will find a Convert to Curves button on the context toolbar (right above the work area) for the Node and Text tools. Alternatively select the object, go to menu Layer ▹ Convert to Curves.
  • To outline text just give it a stroke (not sure if that's what you mean)
  • To rasterise an object/layer, go to the Layers panel, select the object you want to rasterise, right-click on it and select Rasterise... from the menu

06) You can insert values in whatever unit you wish in the input fields. It will be automatically converted to the unit specified in theDocument Setup


07) We are continuously improving our import/export formats. Although we can't support absolutely every feature in every format (because some formats are closed/proprietary) we do intend to cover all the rest the best we can.


08) You can already create guides dragging them from the Ruler with the Move tool. Make sure you have View ▹ Show Rulers and View ▹ Show Guides ticked in the application menu. There will be more improvements to the Grids/Guide system soon.


09) Affinity Photo already supports Adobe Photoshop plug-ins ( we are currently working on improving its compatibility). Since you can exchange files between Affinity Photo and Designer directly you can also use them in Affinity Designer files.


10) Not sure what you meant here. The glass icon is a great metaphor for transparency. Affinity Designer is a 2D illustration software. We also don't have 3d objects, so it seemed appropriate.


11) You can select a locked layer in the Layers panel. You can't select multiple layers just by dragging. I'm not sure if or when this will be implemented but i agree that we can improve this a little.


Hope you're enjoying the software :)


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