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Hello everyone !

I am new here, I hope to you will be able to help me for these issues for vector: 

1 - Brush cloning Crash

When I want to clone a crush, the app shuts down right away without any error message.

2 - Modify bug

When I try to modify a "basic" brushe, it selects the one behing, at the exact same place but for the aquarel section.


Let me know if you need more informations, I am on the IPAD PRO IOS12.3.1


Thanks !



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Hi @Taumah,

Welcome to the forums and sorry for the delayed reply. 

1) Does it only crash when you want to duplicate a specific brush? or does it crash with any brush? Can you attach a screen recording of this crash in action? 

2) I'm not entirely sure I follow you on this. Can you please explain a bit more what's going on? 



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Hello dear Affinty Team,

I think I´m experiencing the same problem, too: I also work on an iPad Pro 2018 12.9“ (iOS 12.3.1) with Affinity Designer and it is not possible for me to duplicate default brushes. In the moment I push the “Duplicate“-Button in the fly-out menu (after a long press) the program crashes without a crash report. However, duplicating self-made brushes works flawlessly.

Another observation: If I draw a vector brush and select it after working with other brushes again, I won‘t be able to find any information about it´s properties showing up in the brushes studio or anywhere else. The brushes studio panel only highlights the last used brush type, but not of the selected brush stroke. On desktop, there is this property panel on the top of the workspace, is this feature lacking in Designer for iPad? Even the stroke width does not seem to be synchronised between the context menu on the bottom and the panels on the right.

Thank you very much for any help/fixes, if you need more information, feel free to ask.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the very quick answer! 

Here are some recordings, I hope they help.

I also ran into another problem: I bought a brush pack called “Tattoo Art Brushes” but could only install the 10 pixel brushes (“tattoo-texture-brushes.afbrushes” work, “tattoo-art-outline-brushes.afbrushes” don’t). 


Video description:

EBEB35BD... :  brush duplicate crash

CAC5B... : Cannot open bought brushes

C9E87... : successfully installed pixel brushes


(Sorry for the strange names, I appreciate any tricks to rename photos on iPad...)

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  • Tattoo Texture Brushes is a pixel brush pack and needs importing in the Pixel Persona
  • Tattoo Art Brushes is a vector brush pack and needs importing in the Vector Persona

I cannot replicate that crash. Can you please turn your iPad off and on and see if that solves it?

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