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Divide and Xor Keyboard Shortcut Issue

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Edit > Preferences 

Mode: Designer
Shortcut Area: Layer

When attempting to create shortcuts for the Geometry tools I noticed that Divide and Xor are somehow apply the same function 

Below is the snapshot of how i have some keyboard shortcuts set up. 


This is the result from use the Divide shortcut I created.


Basic the shortcut fields for Xor and Divide are tied to Xor. 


Thanks in advance for taking a look at this. 

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Hi Allpenguin,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums!

I've reproduced this and there is a slight issue here, but also some behaviour happening that I'm not sure you're aware off, which is causing some confusion.

Essentially when using the Geometry operations (mainly the buttons on the menu bar) you can hold down 'Alt' to create a 'Compound' object instead of permanently modifying your objects shape. Compound objects allow you to go back to it at a later date and modify which operation you want to do, or if you no longer want them like that you can remove the compound so they go back to the original shapes.

What is happening in your case is that you've used 'Alt' as part of the shortcut, so that is getting interpreted by the application and it thinks you want a compound. However as the Divide operation cannot be used with a compound it is defaulting to the Xor operation on Windows (on Mac nothing happens).

If you create shortcuts for these two operations that don't use the Alt key they should work as expected. With that said this behaviour I believe is wrong and confusing, so I will get that queried with development to see if it can be improved!

Hopefully that makes sense to you? If not let me know!

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