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saved work lost after crash (1.7.1). "Save" apparently not working.

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I have a project that I previously saved to iCloud, then opened from iCloud so it would save to the correct location when I hit Save, or exit the project (in theory). A day or so after updating to 1.7.1, AD crashed for the first time ever (I think). The file was still open in the document browser, and had only reverted back by 10 mins or so of work. So I reopened, and re-did the work, then I hit Save just to be safe. Not long after it crashed again, back to same spot as before (so the Save did not work). I thought that since it was going back to the same spot each time it was saved at least to that spot. I closed the document, as I thought restarting might help with the crashing. As it turns out, the document had not REALLY been saved for the last 9 days. When I reopened from iCloud the version there was 9 days old. 

Why is AD not saving to iCloud? I originally opened the document from that location, which as I understood (and as I had checked before), was the correct way to get around the fact that the "default save location" setting does not actually work.

Also, why does the "default save location" not work? If I create a new document, then I hit Save, shouldn't that save to the default save location? If not, then what is the point of such a setting? This setting was originally set to On iPad, and it seems this worked at one time, as I have an Affinity folder (with logo) in my local files, and in this folder is an old document that I don't think I saved myself. But at some point it stopped saving to that folder, and I guess (based on some things I've read), started saving things to the "sandbox," which is as good as throwing them away apparently. According to iPad settings there are 74mb of AD Documents and Data... where are these?

Finally, one last desperate question: Is there any hope of recovering the work that was lost when I closed the document? Also, why would AD not tell me that I'm closing a document that has not been properly saved? Isn't this basic stuff? 


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It’s working for me but iOS saving in Affinity is quite convoluted.

Try this to see what I mean. Start a new file. Add a rectangle and fill with colour. Use back arrow to return to Home screen. Tap Hamburger menu on document icon and tap save. Tells you saving to default location. Close the document. Check local Designer folder with files and you will see your file with its coloured rectangle. Now Open from Cloud, navigate to On my IPad Designer folder and open the file you just made. Add a yellow circle to the centre of the rectangle. Open Document menu and tap Save. Back arrow to the Home Screen and you will see the icon has updated to show yellow circle. Exit Designer and open Files. Navigate to On my iPad, Designer folder. Notice how the yellow circle is now visible on file icon. (You May need to refresh the folder to see the changes). To save changes to the file back to cloud or iPad location you need to tap Save either in Work screen Document menu (which updates the current file), or in Home screen Hamburger menu which creates a new saved file complete with the changes. The problem with using the hamburger menu is that now the document shown on the Home screen is no longer 'linked' to the iPad folder or cloud folder file  (and the current working copy exists only in sandbox). You would need to close the document on Home screen and open from Cloud the new copy. Maybe that is what has happened.

In testing it also seems the auto save feature only saves to sandbox. 

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 14.0 1 Apple Pencil (1st gen), Affinity Photo,  Affinity Photo beta1.9.0.199 Affinity Design, Publisher for iPad (21st century)

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