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Affinity Publisher V1 - Frequently Asked Questions


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Ordering and Licensing

I have a problem with my order, what should I do? Where can I find more information about licensing?

Please see https://store.serif.com/help/ for issues with ordering, licensing etc.


Beta, Release and Trial Versions

My Beta version has expired or is telling me the Beta test has ended. Why is this?

The public Beta Test has recently ended. We hope that having used the Beta you might consider a purchase. However, if after using the Beta you feel it was not adequate for your requirements, we suggest and hope you will tell us via the User Forum. Publisher will remain in active development, so currently if you do not wish to purchase you might consider downloading a trial in the future for an opportunity to re-evaluate the software.


Is there a Trial available?

Yes look at the bottom of this page.


Do I have to uninstall the Beta before installing the Release version?

The Release can be installed alongside the Beta version. The Public Beta has recently expired, however you can replace it with a Customer Beta as soon as one is available.


I have been using the Public Beta. How can I transfer my assets to the Release Version?

The Public Beta has expired recently, however if you have purchased the Release you can install and run the Customer Beta. From here you can export you assets in the usual way and import them into the Release version. Additional information can be found here for MacOS and here for Windows.

Application Integration

What is StudioLink? How do I make the Designer and Photo Personas available in Publisher?

Assuming Affinity Designer and / or Affinity Photo have been installed and launched, StudioLink allows you to switch seamlessly to the primary Personas of either of these two applications within Publisher. 

  • Please note that Versions 1.7.1 or higher of Designer and Photo will be required for the integration to function correctly. These updates have only recently been released so please check you are up to date. You must install and launch the applications to register them.
  • It is possible to mix and match versions of Designer, Photo, and Publisher from the Mac App Store and the Affinity Store.
  • If you have purchased Designer and / or Photo from the Mac App Store but purchased Publisher from the Affinity Store it is a current requirement that Designer and Photo are placed in the 'Applications' folder. We will issue an update to relax this requirement in the near future.


Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo have Workbooks. Will there be a Publisher Workbook?

Yes. We created an Affinity Publisher Workbook (using Affinity Publisher 1.9) and released it December 2020.


Feature Requests and Issue Reports

I have a suggestion for a new feature or an improvement to Publisher, what should I do?

Please post you suggestion in the Suggestions for Affinity Publisher on Desktop Forum.


I have an issue using Affinity Publisher, or I think I have found a bug. What should I do?

Please create a post in the relevant forum (Bugs on MacOS / Bugs on Windows), explaining your problem in as much detail as possible.

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