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Unsupported character + Update Character Style bug

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So for example 'Calibri' doesn't support the checkmark character (U+2713), but Publisher automatically substitutes it with another font that supports that glyph -- for me, it is 'MS UI Gothic'.

Of course, one may argue that using 'fake glyphs' implicitly is not necessarily the desired way to handle missing characters, but I think it is the expected behavior here.


These unsupported-but-substituted characters temporarily become 'unknown' characters after using the Update Character Style function.

Creating the problem:

  1. New document
  2. Frame Text Tool, text:
    some text [checkmark character]
    font: 'Calibri', though the [checkmark character] character implicitly becomes 'MS UI Gothic'
  3. Choose a character style (e. g. the built-in 'Emphasis' style)
  4. Modify the style of the text (e. g. increasing the font size)
  5. Update Character Style
  • This is the result: 
    some text [question-mark-in-a-square character]

    If I export it to .jpg or .pdf, it remains the same.


  • If I save the file, then close, and reopen it, everything is good again.
  • An easier way: Text menu -> Reapply Text Styles.

[Windows 10, Affinity Publisher]




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