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I am a very longtime Serif software user. Over the years I have had the following products. 

  • Serif Drawplus 4
  • Serif Drawplus 6
  • Serif Drawplus 7
  • Serif Drawplus 8
  • Serif Drawplus X2
  • Serif Drawplus X4
  • Serif Drawplus X8 
  • Serif Webplus 10

I still use Serif Drawplus X8 almost exclusively, though I own a more recent version of CorelDraw. I prefer Drawplus overall. 

I would like to move to Affinity Designer soon, however, for the past 5 YEARS I have seen threads again and again with an employee claiming that gradient mesh is on the road map. 

I absolutely cannot switch to any product that does not offer gradient mesh as I use it in almost every project I create. There is no better way to produce a photo realistic nose on a face in my opinion. I simply will not buy a program without it while I can use Drawplus, CorelDraw, or even Inkscape and find the tool there. 

I have been waiting, for five years, to see an announcement that Affinity Designer has gradient mesh. I am almost done waiting. I need to know, definitively, will it come out this calendar year? 

If not, I will permanently move to CorelDraw. 

I would very much prefer to stick with you. 

Can you please give me more information than a vague statement that it is on a roadmap?

Roadmaps typically finish out in less than half a decade.

Is this actually going to occur? If you decided not to do it, that is fine. I am okay with moving to another product but I am tired of waiting for something this board was told in 2016 would eventually come out. Please have the courtesy to tell a life long supporter of your products if this is worth waiting for or not. 

Thank you. 

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Unfortunately, we have no new updates on when/if this feature will be added to the app, sorry. I can only suggest that you continue to use DrawPlus/CoralDraw if it has features that Affinity Designer is currently lacking for you. If this changes. i'm sure the developers will announce it on this forum.

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