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I ´m printig  in affinity photo, in the print menu I select:

  1. the program control the color
  2. I use the Epson IJ printer 07 icc profile
  3. I select relative colorimetric
  4. I disable the printer driver’s control of colors

I print the same picture in Affinity Photo and in Photoshop but the results are completely diferents. In Photoshop I get a clear and good print. In affinity photo I get a dark print. I use the same configuration in both programs.

I have test with relative and absolute colorimetric and the result is in both case is  dark in Affinity (  There seems to be no difference between the two colorimetric types in Affinity).

In photoshop the absolute colorimetric print a dark picture but the relative colorimetric a correct image.






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I experience a problem like this. To me, it seems Affinity Photo has problems with the translation from Adobe RGB to the printer ICC.

I have edited a  picture in Affinity and created with the brush an outer ring of black & white. When I printed it with Affinity Photo it got an purple ring in the middle. After that I exported the file to sRGB jpg and printed it with Nikon Capture NX-D, which resulted in a print I actually saw on the screen.

I use an Epson Surecolor P600 printer.

Running Window 10 64bit

Using an AMD GPU R7 370

These pictures are taken with an Nikon D750, using Raw in AdobeRGB

I used On1 Raw 2020 for Raw conversion. Opened it via .PSD in Affinity and saved in Affinity-file-format

With kind regards,

Jaap Kloppenburg



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