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Wet edges toggle not updating?

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I just updated to 1.7 on both Photo and Designer, and in Photo I noticed something that I wanted to verify here...

If I have a regular brush (ex. Dry), then select a Daub Watercolour brush, the Wet Edges checkbox gets checked, as it seemingly should.

But, if I then select a regular brush again (say, the Dry one I previously had), the Wet Edges checkbox does not uncheck... so, from that point on (after having selected a 'Wet Edges' brush), all brushes after that have the Wet Edges checked.

Can someone confirm this is happening to them as well, and if this is a bug?


UPDATE: Actually, I also just noticed that the Blend Mode doesn't seem to update with each brush type selection.  It will be on Normal by default, and remain so until I select a Daub Gouache brush, which changes it to Average... but then when I select 'regular' brushes again, the Blend Mode doesn't switch back to Normal.


Win7 Pro

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That's normal, but I don't like it either.

It's to do with how the wet edges were set when the brushes were created.  The default Affinity Photo brushes quite often have the 'Blend Mode' set to 'Don't Set Blend Mode' and 'Wet Edges' set to 'Don't Set Wet Edges'.  This means they inherit settings from whatever it was set to before. 

So in your case, when you switch to a brush that has 'Wet Edges' set to 'Set Wet Edges On' and then select another brush that's set to 'Don't Set Wet Edges', the wet edges stay on, as that was the previous setting.  Only turning it off in the brush context tool bar, or switching to a brush that has 'Wet Edges' set to 'Set Wet Edges Off' will disable wet edges.

I think all brushes should really have a Blend Mode and Wet Edges actually set (rather than leaving them on 'Don't set…'), so that they always draw as the creator of the brushes intended them to.  Then the user can either temporarily override the setting using the settings in the brush context tool bar, or if it's something they use often, create a new brush based off the original brush, but with their own 'Wet Edges' or 'Blend Mode' settings.  


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Hi, S.  Agreed...  While I can understand a brush being able to have an 'open' stance on blending mode, having some 'open' and some 'controlling' really does present a problem... especially in that a lot of people probably wouldn't notice that the settings are not as they expect, and they continue working through the piece, not realizing the 'mistake'.... and maybe even fighting/compensating for that discrepency in expected performance.

I can see the arguement for some people finding changing brushes results in their custom settings (blend mode, wet edges, etc) being 'reset' each time they get a different brush...

So, it's going to upset people, either way, I guess.

But, I'd say the best route would be to have it manditory for brushes to have a 'default state' stored in them (ex. watercolour brushes have wet edges, dry media doesn't..), and then maybe have a option/toggle set for whether the USER wants to use those, or 'lock' their current preferences.  Kind of like locking layers.

Okay, well thanks for clearing that up.  I had actually previously reported a very odd behavior in Designer, where the brush selection aspect of the program (clicking a brush in the brush list) would often HIGHLIGHT the brush (indicating that the click was registered), but sometimes the brush itself would not change.  That seemed to go on for a long time without any solution or official response.  I have to check if 1.7 has fixed that.  Anyway, I thought maybe this Blend Mode/Wet Edges thing was more of the same!


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