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isometric panel german language description cropped and functionality unhappy placed

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Hello Affinity Team,
in the German version of Affinity designer the description is cut off in the Isometric panel. The placement seems to me, however, to be a stopgap. In the desktop version we have a floating window / panel and in the iPad version the options are in the worst possible place. Does not it make more sense to put this on the right sidebar or in the studio for navigation? At least I can anchor this.IMG_5AA2E04E0ACF-1.thumb.jpeg.c9ef41754ec2581caa0503cdb9aef136.jpeg

Fanboy greetingsĀ 

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Hi Kaiwienen,

Thanks for letting us know about the translations, I'll get those passed on. I will also pass your feedback on having a Studio for the Isometric options.

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