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My Initial Experience With Affinity Publisher (Beta)

My Workspace Setup:

  • Affinity Publisher Public Beta (v1.7.0.312)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (2.50GHz CPU & 16GB RAM)
  • Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System

I came across Affinity Publisher by searching for software that would satisfy my requirements to complete a flyer for a new client. I had recently moved and was without my usual equipment. Using a fairly new Surface Pro 4, I realized that I needed something a bit more oriented to the task ahead of me than the software that came with the machine. Not wanting to pay an awful lot of money for something in a rush, I was fortunate to have this public beta come through during my search.

I have to say that not only am I impressed with the capabilities of Affinity Publisher in its current stage of development, but also with the level of insight and dedication to the user that has been put in to the tutorial videos available on the website. I was able to draft up several project proposals to the customer in only a few hours and quickly make modifications according to their reviews of my work. The next day I was paid for my work and the customer has a finished product that has exceeded their expectations, as well as a few bonus tweaks to the images they initially provided for use with the flyer that they may now use on their website or in other materials that promote their products.

This software is designed with the professional environment in mind and built in a way that users of any experience level should have little or no trouble getting their designs up and running.

As far as constructive criticism or suggestive feedback is concerned, I will have to put Affinity Publisher to the acid test so to speak as I have not yet come across anything that has triggered a red flag: no bugs, no missing features, no User Interface glitches or improvements and certainly no complaints. I will be sure to provide more in-depth contributions should the opportunity present itself.

I'd like to thank the developers and everyone at Serif who has made this opportunity possible for all of us. Keep up the phenomenal work!



 psidre Felix | Founder of Studio664 - The Perfected Image, n.e.a.t Rx, and densum Beats Online Radio Broadcasting

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Now that I have an update to apply to the Beta, I will be observing more meticulously the behavior of the software to determine if there are any issues worthy of attention from the developers and/or consideration among the community of users. The real fun begins!


Workspace Update:

  • Affinity Publisher Public Beta (v.
Edited by psidre Felix
Beta Version included in post.
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