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Digital drawing managing personas

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Will be nice if will flow up persona for digital drawing, or possible to crate new persona by user and maybe deleting existing one? Will be nice if user can forget to turn on pressure sensitivity every time when open program and go to brush. Auto name layers will be nice addition too. Perspective tools in both photo and designers will be grate too. But love programs ❤️

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In Photo when you set pressure in your brushes settings (under "more..." button) as a default it will stay that way. Sadly in Designer I don't think you have that option and I also would greatly appreciate default setting option.

I don't think separate persona for digital painting is needed, but I suggested few days ago more keyboard shortcuts for turning on and off panels. It would help a lot in getting more of working area.

+1 vote for perspective tool in both programs.
In addition I really like how intuitive mesh warping is in Photoshop. I like that you can drag the middle of whatever you have selected to warp it aroud.
Also I believe there is a bug with warp tool. When you have selected a certain part of the image and try to warp it the handles appear over the whole layer borders instead of the selection you are actually warping. It's a bit confusing and in bigger images it lowers the accuracy of what you can do with this tool.

Most of all (and I believe I don't adress it enough) I really believe in what Serif does and in 2-3 years Photo will be real contender in digital art/image manipulation area. :)


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