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  1. Sadly no. Some brushes work when drawing slowly but if I do more faster moves I need wait. More complex brushes are not usable. And it will be nice if I give program to use more ram it will use them. Usually it use 50% no meter how much I give him. Dk what do do beside using only basic brushes. Maybe it will work with photo editing not with digital drawing/painting
  2. I just bought photo today. On trial (older version) was smooth but at fresh instal is lagging horrible with some brushes at start and with other after little while. I check on my laptop where I usually work and on stationary pc with high spec but is same. More lagg will occur when using pen pressure. I try change ever setting nothing worked
  3. Kione

    Mouse pointer

    Hi @GabrielM yes I check every drivers are at to the date. Same issue heave in designer. Maybe because old computer
  4. Kione

    Mouse pointer

    Dk this is bug or I missing something in settings but, any tool what I using show up normal windows mouse pointer. I using trial version on windows 10. Cintiq 13hd old model. I try everything in setting but nothing help. Sorry for video make via phone. AB9320CA-74D5-4C21-9891-8AA565965240.MOV
  5. Will be nice if will flow up persona for digital drawing, or possible to crate new persona by user and maybe deleting existing one? Will be nice if user can forget to turn on pressure sensitivity every time when open program and go to brush. Auto name layers will be nice addition too. Perspective tools in both photo and designers will be grate too. But love programs ❤️
  6. Are there any chances that tools aiding perspective drawing will be added in photo and designer? It would be quite helpful. In PS I usually “take” horizon line from ruler and do vanishing points by hexagon.
  7. Sadly I cant't. This psd file is from e-school and is for private use only. In other work show up same problem and even drawing look horrible. I don't have no more PS to replicate, and to be honest i dk what cause this things
  8. Hi, I’ve got information when opening psd file “layers clipped to groups not supported”. And thing I see that flare effect is... black block? Dk how to describe it. Later on I will try post both pictures if needed.