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Why is exported .eps file size smaller than original one?

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I have a problem on AD for iPad.

My illustration of eps files that are exported from AD for iPad are always refused to upload to Shutterstock. The reject reason is  because the file is less than 4MP.

I found out that the eps file size is smaller than the original size. The original file size is always more than 4MP (for example 11000px X 4000px, 5000px X 5000px).

However, the exported eps file size is 2052.8px X 647.4px, 1200px X 1200px...

I do not find out the rule of the percentage to be shrunk so I do not expect what size I should set the original file.

I would like to upload eps files to shutterstock because that is gradually more needed in the world.

I attached screen shots. "IMG_0323" shows eps artboard size and "IMG_0324" shows original art board size.

Please help me. 



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Hi Dan C,

Thank you for taking care of my issue.

I uploaded the applicable files and some screenshots that includes export setting interface.

As my answer for your question, I am choosing the File icon > Export in AD for iPad.

Thank you for keep investigating.


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  • Staff

Thanks for your files, I've opened your exported .EPS files in both Affinity Designer and Photoshop and they both import the .EPS files at the correct size, 5000x5000px & 11000x4000px respectively.

Could you please confirm what is leading you to believe the EPS files are not the correct size?

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Hi Dan C,

Thank you for your confirming.

However, the issue still occurs in AD on my iPad Pro. 

As proof, I post some screenshots of the reproduction steps of the issue.

As you can see, the original size was 4000 X 4000px but the eps file size is 960 X 960px when I immediately imported it after export in AD.






From here, import the file exported just before.






Is this issue occur only on my iPad ??

If it does not occur on your device, please advise me how to do with screenshots or movie, if possible.


By the way, the reason why I want to keep the original file size is because I want to upload my artworks that are created with AD to a stock photo site, Shutterstock. I tried some times but error always appears. The screenshot is below. The Japanese error said ""Upload Error / 1error / RerurnLicense01.eps (file name) / The size of artwork (not the size of artboard) has to be over 4 Mega pixel" in English.



Thank you for your keeping supporting me!

Sorry for my broken Japanese English.

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  • Staff

Thanks for your screenshots, I've followed your workflow and it appears the incorrect DPI is being embedded in the file, causing the file size change on import. If you untick 'Embed Metadata' when exporting, then the correct DPI (and therefore size) is retained on import.

This DPI change should also fix your Shutterstock issue! :)

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Hi Dan C,


Thank you for your effort!!

However, your advice does not work unfortunately.

Please see my workflow with my new screenshots.


1. Export a file as EPS, Untickin "Embed metadata", as you said. DPI is also set 300, keeping default.


2. Import the EPS file exported just before. Check the file size, selecting file menu > Resize. DPI got smaller (72) than original (300). IMG_0353.thumb.PNG.eb0a0efc5f798d3da3e9bab4324a18c6.PNG


Therefore, the file size also got smaller (960 X 960px) than original (4000 X 4000px).IMG_0354.thumb.PNG.d157cef66b9983ac47689e6b9d7ee2be.PNG



How did you keep DPI original setting?

I do not think my procedure is wrong.

The issue that I am not able to upload my works to Shutterstock is also not resolved yet.

I am thinking I should buy Adobe illustrator by subscription but I can not afford it actually so AD is my only tool.

Please help me.


Thank you for your keeping supporting me.

Moana Akasso



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  • Staff

Thanks for confirming, I've just noted your 'Rasterise' option is set to Nothing. With this being the case, the .EPS does not have a DPI assigned to it as the file is wholly vector. 

This means that your original documents need to be at 72DPI for the size to be retained on export/import. I've created a quick video showing the steps I took below, hopefully this should resolve the Shutterstock issue also, but if it does not I recommend checking out the following suggestions on our forums - 

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Hi Dan C,


Thanks to your kind support, my problem is finally resolved.

From now on, I will try to set DPI to 72 in the first file setting.

Affinity Designer is a great experience not only for applications but also for support.

Thank you very much.



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