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Procedural Texture ideas

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I love procedural texture live filter and would like to offer a few

1. normal map from intensity  generator

2 curvature from normal map

3  distorting  based on  other layer normal map  vectors

4 distorting based on other layer greyscale gradient / slope

5.  "edge detecting


Also would be nice to have a kind of inputs  based on document layers.    something  like layer1 alpha  + layer2 alpha - layer5 red channel .  

Substance Designer could be a good source of ideas of what might it be.  I have to use this newly acquired  by Adobe soft every day . It's very powerful but  I hate how tremendously inconvenient and artist unfriendly it is really.

This new "procedural texture" thing could really be a simple and  easy replacement if only had a few right "filters" . 


ps. I see this procedural texture filter is kind of programmable  but after trying to read the help I can say I don't understand a thing. Would be so much more helpful if it has a kind of node based interface where we, not codding people could just construct whatever we want.   Something Blender style please



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