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More Efficient Pallettes-right Panel/Tools Layout

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Hi There,

How do you create a pallettes-right layout in Affinity products (see attached)? I can't seem to move all the palettes to the right?

In seperate mode, the tools palette is wide and everything is messier - prefer the clean layout of unseparated mode.

And if you've never tried a palettes-right layout before, it's way more effecient because it removes the constant and extreme left-to-right mouse movements on wide monitors. It doesn't seem like it matters but after a few days, you can't go back.





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Actually ignore this.

The Separate mode is awesome, love how the palettes get sticky so you can create columns of palettes, then move them as a group.

Is there a user manual for Affinity Publisher?


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16 hours ago, cmscss said:

Is there a user manual for Affinity Publisher?

None of the Affinity products have an actual "manual", and the online help for Publisher is still very much a work in progress.  There are the printed "workbooks" which are available for purchase for Photo and Designer, which are very nice, but those lagged quite a while behind the releases of those programs, so even if one does follow for Publisher it probably won't be for a while yet.

I would expect a small army of video tutorials (official and otherwise) to show up around the time of the release.

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