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  1. I guess the other option is to use Affinity Designer & Photo, then just rent InDesign for $20USD per month.
  2. Well, we get packaged assets which always have the .idml file included but I hear you. It's a bummer though, so far (after just a few hours) the Affinity team have done a friggin' awesome job!
  3. We do all of the work for Sony in our country so our studio needs to not only open overseas assets (all are InDesign) but also supply open files - and everyone requires InDesign. We're getting increasingly sick of Adobe and like what we've tried from Affinity so far. But if we're going to switch, we absolutely need the ability to export to .idl as well as import. I've seen a lot of discussion on importing so sorry if exporting has been covered or is the works.
  4. Actually ignore this. The Separate mode is awesome, love how the palettes get sticky so you can create columns of palettes, then move them as a group. Is there a user manual for Affinity Publisher?
  5. Hi There, How do you create a pallettes-right layout in Affinity products (see attached)? I can't seem to move all the palettes to the right? In seperate mode, the tools palette is wide and everything is messier - prefer the clean layout of unseparated mode. And if you've never tried a palettes-right layout before, it's way more effecient because it removes the constant and extreme left-to-right mouse movements on wide monitors. It doesn't seem like it matters but after a few days, you can't go back. Cheers Ben
  6. Hi There, I've recently experienced two data breaches on other websites so am now removing non-essential accounts and ALL ASSOCIATED DATA. How do I do this? Cheers Ben
  7. Hi There, Is there a way to type the first few letters of a font name to search for a font in the Character palette? Cheers Ben
  8. Hi There, I'm brand new to Affinity Designer so might be doing something wrong but after placing a logo from illustrator (.eps) it has a white background (see attached image). I've made sure it doesn't have a background colour (swatches) but no luck. I found this thread but no answer that I could see: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3243-remove-eps-white-background/?hl=eps+white+background Does anyone know how to make placed eps files transparent? Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Cheers Ben