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Another example of slices not behaving as expected...

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Hi, I've already posted on this but thought I would again with confidence that I've not missed anything from the suggestions given last time. I also have updated to the latest beta since posting on this last, in which I seem to remember reading in the release notes there was a fix regarding the positioning of artboards (which was perhaps one of the problems last time)

Anyway, as you can see in the video, I've got 4 icons, all sat on whole pixels and all whole pixels in width and height. But when I create slices out of them all, the slices all appear different sizes. And not just one pixel out in some cases (which would suggest a rounding error or hidden decimal places on the positioning or width and height) but 4px on one of the icons. It's very strange.

Below is the video showing this as well as the file:



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Hi rnbutler87,

This is being caused by having a Mitre value of 10 set on the objects inside the shapes - changing these to 1.5-2 should allow your slices to be created at 32x32. There is a known issue that this can cause export sizes to be increased - I'll get that bumped with development.

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