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Open PDF
+ All pages or a range of pages of a PDF get its own page in Publisher
+ Instantly editable
- No Master Pages available (of course)

Place PDF
- All pages are loaded, no range selection possible. You have to duplicate the pages to switch between pages of PDF
- Extra step with Edit Document to work on the content of the PDF
+ Apply Master Pages to existing pages

My workflow: I receive a multipage PDF document where I have to do some massive changes. So I have to decide now, whether I copy and click every single page of the PDF or open the PDF and add Master Pages later. So I kindly ask for options during import:

Option 1: Leave PDF as is, treating as an image
Option 2: Importing PDF (full or range) being instantly editable with no Edit Document-button (or make it a choice on the user)

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You can apply embedded files to MP's and have it act as MP in the main file.
Since you can have multiple embedded files,great for templating a layout
(you can add pages to embedded files and export these as pdf,you cannot save them as afpub file though)
You can double click the embedded file and it will auto open in a new tab,
sad thing is you go to the first page of the embedded file,not to the current page listed in the main file.

Win10(1903)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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Not quite what I meant / wanted but thank you anyway for the suggestion. What I get delivered are pages consisting of 100 or more pages layouted with text and graphics, now my job is to give some Corporate Design to this document. So I have to make the Master Pages according to the CD and edit the pages. My wish is to have a Master Document with Master Pages and Styles defined etc and import the PDF generating the needed pages (10 pages PDF = 10 pages Publisher) plus the whole content being instantly editable.

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