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I am looking for a way to set the colour name automatically based on colour value in Affinity Designer. When you change a colour value in a Indesign document, it automatically changes the colour name accordingly within the swatches window. It's a huge timesaver. 

When you add a colour to the swatches panel, Affinity applies the colour value name. However when I change a existing colour within the swatches panel, it shows the previously colour value. It looks like I have to manually change the colour value.

How can I do that in Affinity Designer or Affinity Publisher? 


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Callum, thanks for your reply. 

Current workaround: Prior adding a new color, always delete the color swatch or rename the existing one. I don't think a checkbox would be required. If the color name has not been renamed, it should be updated based on current colour value. I hope this makes sense. It happened to me multiple times that I was using a previous color value.

Any chance that we can move this thread to the Feature Requests section?

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