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Very glad for all the acclaim you guys have received. I worry now that you guys are moving so fast that I won't be able to learn as you put out new betas. Therefore not ever switch completely over to you and away from Adobe because they will always be a security blanket in many ways. So will there ever be a comprehensive guide to ALL tools that you have implemented? Even Adobe has its Classroom in a Book series for all things Adobe (even though I really didn't like them, they were there for reference). It seems that there is going to be a steep learning curve for learning AD and AP so in many ways it may just sit in my apps folder for fear of not really knowing all the tips and tricks to understanding your tools. Thanks

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Hi Evtonic,


Great question..


I think this has to be answered in two ways: - for Beta builds and released software.


Beta builds: There will always be a 1-week delay between new functionality appearing and it being documented. The docs team at Serif sees the software at the same time as you guys - sure we have a good idea what may be happening but we only write up the features that we try out :-). We endeavour to get the help up to date for the subsequent build. At that point it's up to the beta tester to try out features using the help and the previous week's feature list from AndyS as guidance.


We're putting a lot of effort into getting all the tools written up properly for release in the Help i'm confident this will happen. The Help has had a lot of time spent on it so it should be offering you this in your current build, Please comment if you find some things deficient - more feedback would be brilliant. 


Released software: We'll transition to video delivery for release (producing many videos early in a beta would be a poor use of resources! :-)) with Quick Tips and more structured learning videos. Beyond that we plan to develop a Affinity Photo Handbook which will be more video led than Adobe's Classroom in a Book series. Why didn't you like them btw? 



Andy Capstick 




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Hi Evtonic3,


I thought i'd step in on this one to share a few thoughts. Even though I am a fan of the classroom in a book series, I feel that Affinity photo is not currently ready for such a book considering it's still in beta and subject to a lot of changes, so by the time book was ready for release it more than likely wouldn't reflect all the new changes. And Affinity Designer is still only at 1.2 and subject to changes.


Adobe has a lot more tools than Affinity at the moment so even without a book getting use to the layout and tools is way more easier. Affinity have their vimeo channel with some tips and tricks on there and both I and Ronnie McBride also have some tutorials in the tutorial section on this forum, all of which we use the tools available. There is a also a great help menu which is very useful and if you type in the name of the tool it gives an in depth explanation of it's features.


At some point in the future and when Photo is out of Beta, i'm sure there will be a lot more resources and guides available.


Stayed tuned for more tutorials and maybe a more comprehensive guide coming your way.




About me: Trainer at Apple, Freelance Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Website Designer, Photographer. Yes I like creating things!!!


Twitter: @StrawberryMnky  @imAllanThompson

Web: mystrawberrymonkey.com  Portfolio: behance.net/allanthompson

YouTube: Affinity Designer & Photo Tutorials

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