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Apply Image / Calculations

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as far as I can get (unless I miss something) there's still room for new features in the Apply Image area, which in PrePress is paramount (second only to Curves).


For instance Apply Image: channel on channel (example: one document open, apply the Red channel from layer A on Green channel, Soft Light, 50% opacity).


It would be astonishing if you could borrow channels from on-the-fly conversion to a different colorspace.

E.g. a RGB document: Apply the "a" channel from Lab to the Composite, Overlay (being the a of Lab calculated without the need of duplicating the document).


Besides, Calculations in PrePress is often very useful too (New Alpha channel which is the result of, say, Difference of Green and Blue).


Thank you,


Davide Barranca

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I second the desire to see "Apply Image" and "Calculations" implemented in AP, especially, as Davide has pointed out, with both operations accessing the on-the-fly color space conversions that are seen the in Curves dialog, for example.  


These are really important features for manipulating channels and creating masks in a repeatable, scriptable (Macro persona!!!) way.


thanks for your consideration,


kirk thibault

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