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  1. Hello, I was curious if anyone has heard anything about this being offered in the near future? I see the recent update has not changes anything. This is a huge drawback and makes for allot of extra time being spent for a simple adjustment.
  2. Bingo- thanks for that insight Fixx, most appreciated.
  3. Sorry, I am using a Mac. I was digging around and saw someone mentioned about "float all windows". Now I see there are 2 preferences, separated mode and merged mode. In separated mode (which I prefer), the toolbar is not visible. I tried fullscreen and windowed- no luck. In the merged or tabbed mode the toolbar appears.
  4. As a seasoned prepress geek, I am giving Affinity a very open minded test run. I use calculations constantly, if this feature is not available, it could be a deal breaker.
  5. Hello, My toolbar keeps disappearing. I tried several times turning it on and off, it does nothing. Also, is there an option to "float all windows" to be a default preference? Thank you kindly
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