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Updated laptop to Windows 10 and Affinity Designer won't work

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I need some help as I had Affinity Designer on my Windows 7 laptop. It worked great until I updated the same laptop to Windows 10, every programme works except Designer!!

It loads to the main title screen, and if I try to open an existing document or create a new document it hangs for a while, and then gives me the

error code 04fa 1a37-3692-4d77-af8c-5798f02b3937

I've attached a screenshot of my sytem information. 

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Designer. Cleared all of the Temp files, read through lots of the forum but I still cannot find a solution. 

Can someone please help?

Kind Regards,



2019-03-19 (1).png

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Hi Steve and Welcome to the Forums,

Crashes on startup/new document crashes are normally related to the graphics card driver.  I'd suggest doing a clean install of the drivers and then try starting Affinity.  If you have an Nvidia graphics card, download the latest drivers from their site and when you start the install there is an option for Custom install, select that and you should then see an option for a Clean Install.  This will remove the old drivers and reinstall/update them as needed.

If it's still failing, then we can look at getting a crash file from you, but please try updating/reinstalling the graphics card drivers first  :) 

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