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No RAW support for Lumix S1 ?

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I use affinity for quite a while for RAW pictures from Lumix GH5 and it worked brilliant. However I just upgraded to Lumix S1 and unfortunately  RAW from it

is not recognized by affinity. Question is: is it possible to do something to make it works?


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Hi agatar and Welcome to the Forums,

As the S1 isn't on our Support RAW list for the Serif Labs RAW Engine or the Apple Core (if you happen to be using a Mac).  There isn't anything you can currently do.  We would need support for that camera to be added to those lists.  From what i can see it appears support for the S1 RAW files is rather limited.

Did any software come with the camera that allows you to convert the RAW file to a tiff or DNG?  You'd then be able to open that in Affinity

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Thanks for reply.

Well, the only software I am aware of which is working with RAW from S1 at the moment are PHOTOFun from panasonic which is very simple and doesn't offer convertion to DNG and second software SILKYPIX which works quite well but doesn't convert to DNG too. It seems I need be patient and wait for implementation for S1's RAW in Affinity... S1 is very new camera so I guess that's the reason why it is not supported yet. I'am working on windows but don't think Mac is any better about it at the moment, can be mistaken though...

I did some research and didn't find any program which could convert RW2 to DNG ( RW2 from S1 obviously...) Adobe DNG Converter (newest is 11.2 ? right? ) doesn't do the job as well.. So I need to be patient I guess... :( ... 

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