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Gianni Rondinini

nested/grouped levels: how to make them 'gradient-ly' transparent?

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I'm unsure whether my title sounds clear to you, but I'm trying to create a 'transparency gradient' to apply to a group of levels.

I'm working on a logo in which I have a background that I want to progressively become transparent from an edge to the opposite. this will be useful when using this logo as a brand on videos, as the background will "disappear" close to an edge, while remaining opaque on the opposite.

background is made of a number of levels. they're nested, stacked and masked: I've got a map on which I've stacked a pattern (with a certain transparency, it's used to give some "depth"), then I took my map and nested it into a free shape I designed with the pen tool. each of the levels have some fx and/or setting levels related to it.

now that I've got a "flat" background, I can't find a way to make it progressively become transparent at an edge. in the picture I attach you see, right above the red arrow, that I was able to make the background fade into flat white, but that's not the result I need.

can anybody help me with this?


here's my stack of levels for the left part of the background (the one I would like to fade into transparent):

"Regolazione bianco e nero" is the Italian for "black & white"

"Regolazione luminosità e contrasto" is the Italian for "brightness & contrast" (I know, b&c s*cks, but this time it's enough --I applied some 0.1px gaussian blur to the isoipses background, too, as I want it not to look too clear when printed).


thanks in advance!


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46 minutes ago, GabrielM said:

Hi @Gianni Rondinini,

You can set the opacity of that gradient to 0

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 15.31.06.png

Or use the transparency tool

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 15.32.09.png



thanks, Gabe!

I didn't notice transparency tool (don't have it in other image editors).

using opacity on gradient didn't make it due to the way I used gradient, but transparency tool is perfect.

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