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Both the one at the site and the one here both fail.



I launched an earlier install, it was expired so I downloaded 238 and I get Setup Failed at the end of the update.  Came here, downloaded 249 and same thing.

Went to do a full uninstall and the Uninstaller is not there.

The DIR in C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta is locked and as the admin on the computer, I can't even access the folder to delete it or change ownership.  I'm effectively unable to touch this dir using standard methods.  I can open Photo and Designer directories without issue though.


Win 10 Pro 64 bit, 32 gig Ram

David Roth




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Have you by any chance tried the following  ----  Right click on folder, go to properties, go to security go to edit,  highlight the administrator permssions, you should see every permission ticked here, if not you might have to go deeper to change this.  But I am only assuming that it is a permissin problem at this stage.

Microsoft - Like entering your home and opening the stainless steel kitchen door, with a Popup: 'Do you really want to open this door'? Then looking for the dishwasher and finding it stored in the living room where you have to download a water supply from the app store, then you have to buy microsoft compliant soap, remove the carpet only to be told that it is glued to the floor.. Don't forget to make multiple copies of your front door key and post them to all who demand access to all the doors inside your home including the windows and outside shed.

Apple - Like entering your home and opening the oak framed Kitchen door and finding the dishwasher right in front you ready to be switched on, soap supplied, and water that comes through a water softener.  Ah the front door key is yours and it only needs to open the front door.


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