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Save / Export Layout Options

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Really enjoying the Affinity programs! As time goes on its feeling more and more like an old friend and on the rare occasion I have to revert to Adobe, I cringe, but then relax as luckily that old nightmare is starting to fade in my mind. I did however have one query and one 'small' suggestion to improve the experience of using your software.  

Firstly query: I use 2 monitors, having palettes on one screen, work area on the other. Upon start-up all palettes remain on one screen, except however Photo and Design drop the tools panel on my work screen, despite moving them back to the palette screen each time. This strangely does not happen in Affinity Publisher. Any ideas why?

Suggestion: would it be possible to have a save layout option button so different workspaces could be configured and saved, even exported (would be best).

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