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This is from APublisher Beta.


But it is not working properly.
It is not listed properly on my system because the font name is in Chinese and I don't have Chinese installed.
The glyphs do not display properly in the Glyphs Browser.
The export to PDF fails - probably because the PostScript Name is not proper format.

These old fonts were probably not done correctly even to the old TrueType standards.
They are such a mess that I do not see them working properly in any modern app.
How is PDF export ever going to work without a proper PostScript Name?

I only installed the one font so while there are errors there is not the multi-font name duplicates confusion that I am sure you have.
The APub font cache would need to be re-set by un-installing the fonts and restarting.
Your operating system font cache probably has issues and should be re-set.

As I said above, these fonts need to be updated to modern standards.
They may work if just the name fields are fixed.


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On 2/13/2019 at 9:24 AM, mac_heibu said:

My god, William, I know this. But as you said „could be“ not „is“.

Do you have a besser proposal to narrow down the issue?

I swear by the life my grandma, that I will eat up the font after having a look at @Lensman’s issue . (Hope, I am able to do this before Monotype detects this particular thread.) :)

Trust me, Monotype will not care; not one tiny bit. They want people to be able to use their fonts.

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