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Hi Mike Ray :)

You may find that you need to boost the adjustment to Extreme values for the filter to have a noticeable effect. If you tick this box and move the slider above 50%, do you see a change in the image?

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2 hours ago, Mike Ray said:

You're right. It's the Extreme Checkbox activated that shows some effect. Thanks.

Do not get comfortable with that. In 1.7 the new "better" remeove-noise is a big back-step to 1.6! 

Maybe the filter is better for removing nose, but it will lost its creative aspect: "Blur in the opposite of bipolar-blurr" is completely "away-bettered".

The old "de-nosier" smoothed hair or other "edges", by keeping the "average" intact. Exact the opposite to "binaural-blur". The new, "better" de-noise does not do this anymore!

New "better" denoise (top) and old (nice, subtle,blur) denosie  (bottom)  (look at the hair). There is no tool for such an equal effect anymore! This "denoise" was really an unique "out-of-the-box-blur"! Booth examples with 2 instances of it!


For just de-noise maybe 1.7 is better... but there are also  "out-of-the-box-useers" who miss this old one "blur"!







OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on!

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