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  1. Hi, i am sure Affinity can do this, but I can't figure out how. In PS, I can do the color shifting with the color mixer for each color separately (see attached screenshot). How can I do this in Affinity? Regards, Michael
  2. You're right. It's the Extreme Checkbox activated that shows some effect. Thanks.
  3. Hi, any idea why i dont see any difference when i move the controls? Thanks Michael
  4. That's it. Thank you very much. I went the intuitive way and searched the menus... thanks. Mike
  5. Hi. Adding a new effect layer, Affinity shows the control dialog for customizing the layer. If i switch to another layer and later back to the first layer, no control window is visible. How do get to see this control window again?
  6. Hi, is there a function to straighten a crooked picture with automatic cropping? In Photoshop Elements, I often used a function to straighten the horizon in a picture. Photoshop then automatically cropped the picture, if i wanted to. In Affinity Photo I didn't find a similar function. I found Straighting and Cropping, but no way to automate cropping after straighting. Thanks for help, Mike
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