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Selective small area to add filter studio effect

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How do I select a small area to add a filter studio effect?  

For example if I want to use the effect “Clarity” but don’t want to modify the entire image how would I add it to only an eye?


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Adjustments and filters have there own masks. Add the effect then select the effect layer. Go to channel,studio and select the effect layer, tap the three dots at the right of the layer and tap Invert. The adjustment/filter mask is now black and the effect is hidden. In layer studio select the effect, select a paintbrush and a white colour. Paint white on the image where you want the adjustment/filter show through. Paint black over areas you accidentally expose with white.

Certain filter such as Clarify need to be applied as live filters to allow you to do this. Just tap the lightning icon in context menu. Then adjust effect, then invert in channel and paint white to reveal.

just make sure you have the adjustment or filter layer selected before you paint. You don’t want to paint your image layer. :)


IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 12.1 Affinity Photo Affinity Design

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