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AP and AD: Moving small objects

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I only found a thread on this concerning the tablet-version, where it has app. been fixed. 

Moving small objects with pen or mouse on PC is troublesome, because you cannot grab the object without hitting resize etc. handles. The workaround of zooming in does not work well when having to move the object across large areas, deselecting and instantly moving when hitting the object again does not work when the object is beneath another or in a group. 

Would it be possible to have an extra handle for moving that always works, and/or having a key to only be able to move the object when it is pressed? 

I had to move tons of thin lines and small text and objects in AD today and it was really, really tiresome to always have to "workaround" some way!

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I found this has been moved. I was not sure, where to post because it is the same in AP and AD and like it is it feels like a bug ;)

If there is a better workaround or way to do it that I have not figured out yet I would be happy to learn about it :)

Another idea for a solution would be to have a designated move tool in addition to the tool we have now, while the versatile function of the known tool stays intact. 

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