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Garbage vertices paths/nodes in shape Divide tool

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If there are multiple shapes selected, and all are divided all at once, a number of overlapped content is removed and a lot of garbage nodes are left as separate paths. I've experienced on AI too, but there we can easily select them and remove them, but in AD it becomes a headache.  

Can you please make selection in such a way that..

if selection started form top left / bottom left then select all shapes touching selection box,

if selection started form top right / bottom right  then select only shapes, fully under selection box,

Something same like in Auto-cad (somebody experienced?) 

Please take a look on this video and see what I mean. 

vertics, devide tool, shape tool, pen tool, garbage nodes, paths,

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Hi mfarooqi,
These are known issues with boolean operations which we do intend to review/rewrite at some point. Regarding the select behaviour you can do this already: press and hold ⌃(ctrl) to select all objects touching the selection marquee. Without it only objects enclosed by the marquee will be selected. There's also an option in the Preferences, Tools section (Select object when intersects with selection marquee) to set this behaviour as the default one.

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Thank you MEB. 

The option in Preferences is even more confusing (temporarily enabling is fine). But for me (Ctrl) on windows is not working.

Will you please check on Windows 10. on Mac may be it is working fine not sure about that. 

Thank you

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6 minutes ago, MEB said:

If you are on Windows instead of holding ⌃(ctrl), press and hold the right-mouse button (while still keeping the left-mouse down for drawing the selection marquee).

Thank you MEB.. That works great!. 

I wish such hidden thing be more obvious!. (never pressed such button combination in any of other graphics software). I doubt how would I press both buttons on my laptop's touch pad!. 

Well shouldn't it be in Actually "ctrl" button or maybe option/alt button. ? 



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