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I could not find if this was covered yet here on the forums.
I just exported a color palette in Designer (to iCloud drive) with many global colors that had custom names assigned (RAL palette). When I imported the palette as document palette back into another project the custom names on the global colors were all gone :(:( and reverted back to their default names. The standard colors and gradients all kept their names, just the global color names were gone. Please advise.

Cheers, Marc

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forgot to name application

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Hi Pixelbaron and Welcome to the Forums,

I just tried this and wasn't able to replicate the issue.  I create a set of Global Colours and changed them all to custom names.  Exported to iCloud and reimported as a Document and even application palette and they all kept the custom names i'd set.

If this is something you can replicate, could you list the exact steps and also post a palette files that you've exported and i'll see how it imports for me :) 

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Hi and thanks for the welcome,
not sure what happened yesterday but apparently a one time glitch. I closed AD yesterday after work and now that I started it up again I can not reproduce this. Tried all variations, the custom names are kept. So this seems to be solved :)

While I have your attention. Are global gradients on the wishlist already? :)
Love this app so far, so much more intuitive then Illustrator.

Thanks, Marc

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6 minutes ago, pixelbaron said:

I can not reproduce this

Great to hear :) 

As for Global Gradients, i've no idea if we plan to revisit them or not.  I say revisit, as  I can find reports of them being in a earlier version but they caused a number of issues and got removed.  For something like this, i'd always suggest making a post in Feature Requests and the Dev team may revisit them :) 

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