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  1. Hi, I could not find if this was covered yet here on the forums. I just exported a color palette in Designer (to iCloud drive) with many global colors that had custom names assigned (RAL palette). When I imported the palette as document palette back into another project the custom names on the global colors were all gone and reverted back to their default names. The standard colors and gradients all kept their names, just the global color names were gone. Please advise. Cheers, Marc
  2. Hi and thanks for the welcome, not sure what happened yesterday but apparently a one time glitch. I closed AD yesterday after work and now that I started it up again I can not reproduce this. Tried all variations, the custom names are kept. So this seems to be solved While I have your attention. Are global gradients on the wishlist already? Love this app so far, so much more intuitive then Illustrator. Thanks, Marc