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It may be that I am missing something, but I cannot find any way to drag and fill in data in columns and rows.

In most software where tables can be used there is a facility to select data within a cell (or cells) and then drag that down or across to duplicate the data in adjoining cell. 

Usually, if you enter say 1 in one cell and 2 in the cell below and then select those cells and drag them down the series will be continued for as long as you drag.

Is this available in Affinity, it is in Pageplus.

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On 11 January 2019 at 9:02 PM, riball said:

... but I can't see them.

Me neither,

I think the Help file is referencing commands that have not made it into the current beta

"Fill Right or Fill Down will respectively replicate the contents of a row or column’s first cell across the entire selected row or column. Click the row or column header's button, and choose the option from the flyout menu (or via Table > Fill Cells or right-click). To create a sequence of numbers or entries across cells, see Using QuickFill and QuickClear."


(Then again, I am on Windows, maybe they are available on the Mac beta)

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Thank you for that, I thought I might be missing something obvious.  I will wait to see if it appears - at lest it is mentioned so hopefully it will get there.

Unlike the use of formulae within tables, which is not mentioned at all !


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