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Impositioning on iMac

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I’m  reposting this from a different grouping which I mistakenly sent it...

Hi, I used to use PagePlus on my PC to create multipage A5 centre stapled booklets printed via my Desktop printer on A4 paper.

PagePlus could create imposition PDF files that I could then be saved and used to print the booklets. PagePlus's ability to sort the pages into the required printing order - including putting the front page and back page together made life a dream.

I can't see how to end up with the same result  using Affinity Publisher on my iMac, or even to get it to print direct from Publisher.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Hal.

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The document should have been created with A5 spreads since that is the target page size.

In the print dialog (File->Print), set the paper size to A4, then in the Document Layout section (use the popup menu directly underneath the paper size control), set Model to Booklet.

Use the printer settings to configure duplexing appropriately if you are printing.

You can then print or export the PDF from there.


Note that for the booklet feature to work, you must have a multiple of 4 pages - if you only have 6 for example you will need to add 2 blank pages to the end of the document.

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