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Uncle Mez

Live Preview and Grouping and More !

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Happy New Year everyone !
Today i'm coming back to first say thank you to the whole Serif Affinity Team and Leadership for the great piece of software they are producing.

But ... i believe with this new year starting now and the beta cycle still on going we can point out something that made Affinity really appealing and still was copied/implemented by major companies in their solution and that thing is ... live preview !
Today i would simply ask Serif Affinity Team to :

1- Push the live preview even forward, make it possible for us to live preview Boolean Operations
2- Group adjustment filters into categories thus making them well organized, I've noticed they are kind of from the same family so grouping will make it less tricky to understand what they are made for and what they supposed to do at different levels of application
3- Put similar Blending mode into their corresponding groups, there too they need to appear according to what they are capable or intended to do and having them just one column is not a good indication of the sub-group of functionality they refer too. i.e: i made massive use of Overlay blending mode until i took a course on the different blending options in photography and learned that Soft Light does the same thing but in a different manner, i since then use Soft light instead of overlay (which is use only when i want to go hard) and i get better results on photographic stuffs (when it has peoples on it).
4- Make it possible for Mask to turn black when we press ctrl+i/cmd+i to invert it, it is actually not doing that so we have to start painting with a brush on it the mask fill to reveal itself thus making hard to know if the invert worked or not.
5- Make it possible for Affinity to import/place .art3 files from Art Text 3 with Auto Update like it is possible to do with Affinity Line products, this will compensate with Affinity not being capable of 3D stuffs like does Art Text 3 at this stage and will make Affinity even appealing and a better tool to use simply because it's initegrates other files into it's workflow.
6- Publisher is lacking of default shortcut to access Resource Manager please fix.
7- Publisher makes hard when it comes to update a linked file that have changed or have been updated, the pop(up shows but only with the "close button" it should also have the "update" button when the resource manager will allow us to update more files.

Well that was my 7 point and suggestions to help Affinity be better in this New year.
Blessings !

Never be the Same Again !
MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) - 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 - VIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6  - Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo + Affinity Publisher + Snagit 2019 + Camtasia 2018 + Movavi Video Editor Business 15

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