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Got to abandon

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Pardon for the post but I find myself spending more time trying to figure out and isolating the few bugs I encountered than actual drawing. It’s just not worth my time anymore further. 

Here are the few bugs I encountered :

- Pencil tool lags. Can’t see where am I drawing until I lifted my pencil. Defeat the purpose of a clean line. 

- Colour goes outside of the nodes when using Gaussian blur 

- When moving shapes with couple of elements (filled and fx) in it,  it has this tiny portion of jaggy image left in the original place and/or along the trail to the supposed destination. 

- last but not least the disappearing act of pen brushes category in vector persona. 

I really wanted to work on vector and since I don’t have a backup vector medium app, I just can’t afford to keep abandoning artwork halfway into drawing. Really diappointed, with that price tag I expect it would be less buggy than those 1/3 of the price. 





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Hi AleXanDréaR,
I'm sorry to hear you aren't having a good experience with the app. Regarding your points:
1. There may be a little bit of lag depending on the brushes/speed drawing strokes/iPad model you have but it should display the strokes while you are drawing, not when you have lifted the Pencil. What iPad model/generation are you using? (I'm assuming you are using Apple Pencil with it). Are you drawing/placing several strokes quickly as if you were hatching/shading or it happens when you draw regularly at moderate speeds?

2. Yes, the Gaussian Blur Layer FX is not confined to the shape area and will spread beyond it the more you increase the radius. Maybe you are looking for a feather function instead ? Currently this is not available in Affinity Designer/as layer effect.

3. Again knowing the model you are using would be helpful here. If you could record a small clip showing the issues you are having (this one and the pencil lag issue) with the Layer Studio visible would be great.

4. I'm not yet sure how/why the Pencil brushes disappeared but I'm checking this. I will provide you a link to get them again.

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