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  1. AleXanDréaR

    Got to abandon

    Pardon for the post but I find myself spending more time trying to figure out and isolating the few bugs I encountered than actual drawing. It’s just not worth my time anymore further. Here are the few bugs I encountered : - Pencil tool lags. Can’t see where am I drawing until I lifted my pencil. Defeat the purpose of a clean line. - Colour goes outside of the nodes when using Gaussian blur - When moving shapes with couple of elements (filled and fx) in it, it has this tiny portion of jaggy image left in the original place and/or along the trail to the supposed destination. - last but not least the disappearing act of pen brushes category in vector persona. I really wanted to work on vector and since I don’t have a backup vector medium app, I just can’t afford to keep abandoning artwork halfway into drawing. Really diappointed, with that price tag I expect it would be less buggy than those 1/3 of the price.
  2. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    Oic, how then I had them in the first place? I certainly don’t recall uploading any custom brushes. And sorry for all the troubles and confusion caused.
  3. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    I had only one download right after the purchase. Never reinstall, never uploaded any custom brushes either, and never delete anything from what I had initially installed. I only reinstalled today after I found out my pen brushes in vector person disappeared! That’s why I’m so puzzled by it.
  4. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    Hmmm... this is odd. I recall seeing the pen category in vector persona. Also, I seen another user has pen brushes in vector persona.
  5. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    Well, my issue is with the vector persona, as I’d provided the screenshot (first). I assumed those are vector pen brushes.
  6. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    Well, there goes the inconsistency! How can brushes disappear for no rhyme and reason?
  7. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    I have pen category in pixel persona, no problem there. It is the vector persona that I nil pen brushes. After installing Toltec’s copy, I notice 3 pen brushes in 3 separate category.
  8. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    Toltec, This is what I got and still remains the same...no pen brushes!
  9. AleXanDréaR

    Pen Brushes Disappeared !!!

    Yes, I’m very certain. I’ve tried reinstalling and it’s still the same. As to differences in pen brushes in different persona, I can’t say as I’ve none in vector persona to compare to. Please help.
  10. How do I recover all the pen brushes? It somehow disappeared, and all I have left are 4 other categories. Thanks *Affinity Designer