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Feature request: ASC-CDL Offset Power Slope in Photo

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All is in the title, OPS from (ASC-CDL) is a nice color grading tool to work on linear image (in fact any image).

The formula is: Out= (i*s+o)^p
Where i is input, s is slope, o is offset, p is power.
The node in Blender:


Since the Topic has moved to feature request, I think it deserve some more infos.

Offset is how bright or dark (+ color) the lowest values (shadows) are
Power is the contrast + color
Slope is how bright (+ color) the highest value (highlights) are

This tool is a unified cross software tool which means if you put same values in differents software you'll see the same result.

Really a must have tool.

If people are interested I can add a vidéo of how it works.

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Adding infos

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