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Exporting to PDF: how to keep text and vectors?

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Hi everyone,

I made a document on Designer for iPad that contains text and vector shapes. When I export the document as a PDF, I end up with a flat image. I tried to export the entire things as a SVG to keep the vectors but same result.

Do you know how this could be solved? (I’m looking for a solution similar to Sketch)



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Hi Daymo502,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Have you used any Layer Effects (FX) on the text/vector objects? FX Effects are all rasterised on export (using the dpi specified on document setup) no matter the format you choose (they are dynamic raster based effects, not vector based so there's no way to get them as editable/vector objects on export).

Other features may also force rasterisation (depending on the export format/features you used) but without seeing the file it's difficult to guess the specific reason you are getting them rasterised or a flattened image.

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